Our first fishing experience

Salem and I took the kayak out for our first fishing trip this last weekend! We had a bunch of fun, learned a ton, and snapped some pics to remember our great time.

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Some early-morning gradient patterns

I was able to do some gradient pattern research this morning with my trusty assistant 🐶

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Baby Gulls in Mission Bay

Spotted a couple of baby seagulls with their protective parents, while kayaking around Fiesta Island in Mission Bay.

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Introducing Booklit: Why I made a new content publishing platform

Almost every night before bed, I read my son a book or two. He’ll pick out a couple short kid’s books from the shelf and we’ll hop into bed and read them. This is a daily part of our routine, and a small yet special moment I’m always excited to share with my little man!

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My WFH Workspace

Here’s a look at my current workspace setup - below it, I’ll go over some of the items and tools I keep around and use throughout my day.

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Creating and Configuring Ubuntu VPS Instances

There are many different practices around spinning up and configuring new server instances for your apps and services. In this guide, I’ll walk you through how I deploy, setup, and configure an Ubuntu Linux VPS instance, which is my go-to hosted server configuration for its ease of use, general flexibility, and vast community support.

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FSWatch + Git: A Simple Dropbox Alternative

Dropbox is always one of the first things I install when I setup a new computer - I have come to rely on it for storing important documents, photos and media that I can then access from anywhere. Recently my Dropbox subscription expired, and instead of renewing I decided to take a shot at replacing it with a homemade solution, and in this article I’m going to be walking you through how to do it yourself.

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