What I Do

I help others use the web to turn great ideas into reality.

  • 1) System Architecture

    Utilizing my core strengths and experiences from healthcare, telecom, e-commerce, and other markets, I can help you design and architect the right solution for the challenges you face.

  • 2) Software Engineering

    Through an agile, iterative process, I can work with you to develop and implement solutions for a multitude of both consumer and enterprise products, platforms, devices, and ecosystems.

  • 3) Experience Design

    Pushing the bounds of brand execution while optimizing information architecture and data presentation - I can help you deliver the highest quality end-user experience possible.

What I’ve Done

This is a collection of some of the experiences that I’ve had the privilege to be a part of both independently and within a team. I am so grateful for the wonderful experiences I’ve been able to share with such incredible people across the world, and the things that we have been able to accomplish together.

  • Restful Data

    I've been working on Restful for a bit over 2 years now to help developers build and maintain high-quality API services. Having built-out the same services over and over again when getting an app off the ground, like authentication or roles, I decided it was time to automate my workflow. Restful is a complete backend API platform for web and mobile apps.

  • Gig Economy Group

    As Engineer #1 at GEG, I was an early part of a motivated team that set out to build an innovative sales enablement platform. I was responsible for architecting, building out and maintaing platform administrative tooling, as well as content management infrastructure.

  • PricingPage

    As a startup hacker, doing the same thing over and over for every startup I get up and running can feel repetitive. Building out pricing pages was one of those tasks, which is why I ended up building PricingPage - a quick and easy platform that helps you organize and visualize your pricing for customers.

  • BillTo

    After Stripe took over the payment processing scene, there was a significant uptick of efforts put into integration with Stripe and other similar services. I took advantage of this opportunity to build BillTo, which functioned as a drop-in Stripe backend, powering front-end payment forms for businesses. At the peak, BillTo was processing a little over $40,000 in monthly transaction volume.

  • Cryptonnect

    2017 saw the cryptocurrency craze heat up yet again, and while I had been studying Bitcoin and other cryptoccurency since back in 2010, I decided that it was my time to jump in. With a team of cofounders, we created a social wallet platform called Cryptonnect for crypto users to store, manage and share wallet details with other users and services.

  • American Girl

    I was part of an incredible team that was put together to build the American Girl doll customization experience. This project consisted of several digital as well as physical retail components, all synchronized and working together to create a truly unique shopping experience.

  • Snackroom

    Startups sure do go through a lot of snacks. Having experienced this many times first hand, and the organization that is required to make sure there are snacks available that everyone in the office likes, I built a slack bot for automated snack ordering called Snackroom. Snackroom would collect everyone's weekly order, order it directly via Amazon Pantry, and snacks would show up ready to go at the office.

  • Reachify

    I was truly fortunate to have joined Reachify at an early stage alongside its confounders, and create what ultimately became an all-in-one corporate communications platform, primarly focused at medical practices. Our universal inbox platform was HIPAA complient and services doctors and other practices throughout the SoCal region.