Our first fishing experience

Salem and I took the kayak out for our first fishing trip this last weekend! We had a bunch of fun, learned a ton, and snapped some pics to remember our great time.

Getting started on our voyage

This is the rod/reel combo that I purchased on Amazon for ~$65. Setup was straightforward, I like the telescopic portability.

Salem ready to catch some Perch

It took me a while to figure out why the rod wasn’t reeling in. Turns out, I had the line run incorrectly through the reel. Once we fixed that with a cut and some fancy knots, we were back in business.

Many laughs were had.

Salem ready for some lunch

Even though we didn’t end up catching anything, we considered our first day of fishing very much a success.

The next day, we decided to try our hand at casting from shore.

Already a pro angler

Our next plan is to kayak a bit farther out into the middle of Mission Bay and cast reel a bit deeper. We’re looking for California Halibut - any suggestions?